Custom Software is a kind of service that can be expressed as all of the programs that the company wants to create in accordance with its specific and needs other than the existing standards. More specifically, it is the process of customizing the software to the customer.

When the customer is interviewed, the custom software development service is started. In other words, a template is defined upon the client's mind and the planned process is carried out appropriately. During the development stage of the software of interest, the project tests are carried out in the specified periods and presented to the customer.

What is Custom Software Development?

Custom software development service is divided into two general categories as standard and enterprise-specific software and has completely personal characteristics. For example, each business doing different jobs, and therefore different business styles and cultures, show that standard software based on common characteristics of businesses cannot go any further. In other words, standard software provides superficial solutions to solve problems. This means that proprietary software will always be one step ahead of the competition and always gain advantage.

In this period, when custom software development is very popular and widespread in the business world, we offer you custom software development service that provides full efficiency and usability. Small, medium or large custom software produced under this service will make your job easier and we will maximize your project success by minimizing risks with custom software development.

Big Steps in Custom Software Development

The most important detail of this study is to minimize risk and maximize success in the projects we provide custom software development services. For this purpose, we pay special attention to careful planning, good risk management, the possibility of the customer to participate in the project and monitoring of the project, continuous monitoring of the project, evaluation and measurement of the project. safe steps based on factors that ensure success in custom software.

We offer custom software development services to meet customer specific software needs. In this framework, we conduct development and implementation processes in parallel with preliminary analysis, detail analysis and analysis report studies.